You may remember the couple signed on with Netflix 15 months ago to produce what was reported as a “series”. Well, now almost a year and a half later, it has been confirmed they are now providing exclusive movie fare, if you can believe that.

A certain former president and first lady have made their mark “or stain” in Hollywood.

“The Obamas settling into new role as Netflix producers,” said The Hollywood Reporter — referring of course to former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, who signed an exclusive production deal with Netflix some 15 months ago, then formed a Los Angeles-based production company called Higher Ground.

More significantly, the couple is now readying their first release, a documentary titled “American Factory,” which chronicles the culture clash between Chinese and American workers in a U.S. auto glass factory. It is set to debut on Netflix before 139 million subscribers in 190 countries on Aug. 21 and will also be screened in select theaters around the nation.

The film was already cited at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. The couple’s next project will be “Bloom,” a dramatic series set in New York City shortly after World War II. The former White House residents, meanwhile, appear to be settling in at Netflix.

“Netflix staffers describe the surreal experience of an office visit from the former president, who reportedly enters the building via an underground tunnel connected to the parking garage,” the Hollywood Reporter said.

Can you believe these two are film makers? We can’t. Tell us what you think in the comments.