A shocking video that went viral in social media shows a Muslim boy armed with a knife threatening to stab Jews on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem.

His mother just sat there looking as her 4-year-old son threatens to stab people in the name of Allah.

That is what the Muslims who call themselves Palestinians teach their children.
They teach them to prefer jihad over life, to preach war over peace.

The Western world must stand with Israel in the war against radical Islam. 
Israel, like any other Western country, has the right to defend itself.

Every country has the right to defend itself by closing its borders and deporting illegal immigrants back to where they came from.

There is no country that can provide free housing, food, money and welfare benefits to millions of illegal immigrants from all over Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
Sharia should not be practiced in the West.

Every country has the right to preserve its culture.

Shari’a laws are a set of laws that are based on the life of President Muhammad.
Shari’a is not just a law but a way of life, ideology and political movement, according to the Sharia laws:

– There is no freedom of religion or freedom of speech. 
– There is no equality between people (the non-Muslim is not equal to the Muslim).
– There are no equal rights for men and women.
– There is no democracy or a separation between religion and state politics.

It is abundantly clear now more than ever before that Child Marriage, Forced Marriage, Child Brides, Polygamy, FGM, Acid Attacks, Honor Killings, Beheading and Stoning all prime focuses in Sharia simply has no place in the civilized world.