A recent FOIA request by attorney Ty Clevenger resulted in a plethora of new and unredacted information concerning the actions the corrupt FBI and DOJ took to cover-up and exonerate Hillary Clinton’s email crimes.

What was released is truly shocking!

Paul Sperry from the New York Post wrote in October of 2016, shortly before the election:

Last August, FBI officials paid a visit to Hillary Clinton’s lawyers’ office in Washington and begged to see six laptop computers containing the former secretary of state’s classified e-mails. They were told to take a hike, and they did.

Clinton’s lawyers “declined to provide consent” for the bureau to even search the laptops, let alone seize them, claiming they may contain “privileged communications.”

Instead of seeking to subpoena the evidence, the FBI meekly “wished to arrange for secure storage of them in a manner agreeable to both the FBI and the attorneys” — even though the attorneys lacked authorization to handle the material, which included Top Secret information.

Through documents received from a FOIA filing, we now have support for what Perry was alluding to back in 2016.

Senator Chuck Grassley, along with Congressmen Jason Chaffetz, Bob Goodlatte and Devin Nunes, sent a letter to Obama’s crooked Attorney General Loretta Lynch in early October of 2016 that was recently released in documents sent to attorney Ty Clevenger.

Mr. Clevenger is attempting to find any and all documentation related to the Seth Rich murder for his client Ed Butowsky.

The Grassley letter attempts to obtain information on the numerous activities that the corrupt FBI took under Obama, Lynch and Comey, related to the Hillary email scandal.  (The document is included in the link attached here.)

In the Grassley letter, he recites the fact that former FBI Director Comey told Congress that, yes, the FBI investigated Clinton’s obstruction of justice and intentional destruction of records –

HOWEVER… The DOJ and Clinton/Mills lawyer Ms. Wilkinson jointly drafted an agreement with the FBI that showed anything but a fair and honest investigation into Hillary’s email crimes –

That agreement the FBI made with the DOJ limited the search parameters to months, not years –

*The FBI could only search four Clinton email addresses, regardless if that email address was later altered to some other address. No emails from Cheryl Mills were permitted to be searched. This ensured that no emails covering the destruction of evidence was even permitted to be examined.