Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy determined that he suffered multiple broken neck bones. One of the breaks was to Epstein’s hyoid bone, an injury that experts told the Washington Post is more common in homicide victims.

The discoveries were disclosed by two people familiar with the findings of the autopsy, which was completed on Sunday.

The Washington Post spoke to Jonathan Arden, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, who said a broken hyoid bone, which is near the Adam’s apple, is more common in strangulation murders than suicidal hangings.

“If, hypothetically, the hyoid bone is broken, that would generally raise questions about strangulation, but it is not definitive and does not exclude suicidal hanging,” said Arden, who was not involved with the Epstein autopsy.

Source: Autopsy finds broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck, deepening questions around his death – The Washington Post