Millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was able to buy two pairs of small women’s panties from a jail shop while serving time for sex offenses, according to bombshell new documents.

The convict bought two pairs of size 5 female underwear from Palm Beach County Jail’s shop in 2008 where he was serving time after pleading guilty to soliciting a minor for sex, according to jail logs.

The tiny panties were the most disturbing part of more than $2,000 the pedophile spent while incarcerated for 13 months, according to the records obtained by the Miami Herald.

Epstein, who killed himself in his Manhattan cell earlier this month while facing fresh charges, was able to buy the underwear because the stockade also holds items for female inmates, the paper states.

But it would surely raise questions as to why a convicted sex offender who wears sweatshirts ranging from XL to 3XL, and size-12 shoes, would want such small-sized female panties, the report stresses.

Epstein was allowed to leave the prison store in a chauffeur-driven car which took him to a downtown West Palm Beach office building for a 12-hour-a-day, six-day-a-week break from jail, according to the records where the convict was called a “client.”

He used that time to have sex with young women, a lawyer for some of the accusers has previously claimed.

The little time he spent inside jail, he would often have an unlocked cell door and almost unlimited access to a TV, according to the records, which showed him buying more than 800 cups of coffee.

The records show he had 69 doctors’ visits in six months — and so many chiropractor appointments he would sometimes go three times a week.

As well as being free to go to work, deputies were required to wear business suits and provide security for him, which he paid for, according to the Herald.

Capt. Mark Chamberlain noted Epstein’s “unusual means” on the day the pedophile reported to jail, according to the report.

“His financial status lends itself to his being victimized while in custody and as such, he has been placed in special management,” Chamberlain wrote in an email, according to the report.

“He is poorly versed in jail routine and society and his adjustment to incarceration will most likely be atypical. For the time being, I am authorizing that his cell door be left unlocked and he be given liberal access to the attorney room where a TV will be installed.”

It infuriated Assistant US Attorney A. Marie Villafaña complained that letting Epstein spend time in a private office “making telephone calls, web-surfing, and having food delivered to him is probably not in accordance with the objectives of imprisonment.”

The Miami Herald said Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office had not responded to the newly released records.