Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed a scandal this week that could bring down former President Barack Obama and many other prominent liberals.

During a segment on his show, Carlson noted how the children of high-ranking Democratic Party officials continue to get “accepted” into elite colleges, including the Ivy League, for apparently no reason other than the fact that they are the offspring of those Democrats.

Carlson also referenced the recent college admissions scandal, which involved wealthy people bribing universities and officials to get their kids into top schools.

The Fox host wondered if the scandal would ever make its way to the children of high-ranking Democratic Party officials.

Transcript as follows:

If you’ve ever watched Chris Cuomo on CNN, you may have wondered: how did this guy get a TV show? Sure, he’s got well-defined abdominal muscles, and good for him. But he can barely speak English. There are nights when Cuomo emits entire paragraphs that mean nothing at all. Just pure gibberish, like pig Latin, or dogs barking. It’s remarkable. Was this guy educated in the United States?
It turns out that he has an even more impressive qualification: His father was the governor of New York. If you want to get into a top American college, it’s best to have a parent who’s a well-known Democratic politician. That’s the most effective credential of all.
Don’t take our word for it. Ask Dante DeBlasio, son of Bill DeBlasio, the incompetent mayor of New York. There’s no evidence the younger DeBlasio did remarkably well in high school. And yet, like Chris Cuomo, he somehow got into Yale.

Carlson then noted several prominent Democrats who went to ivy league schools and somehow got their kids into these prestigious universities despite having “average grades.”

Once there, Dante DeBlasio found himself surrounded by people just like himself: the thoroughly average children of other prominent liberals. According to press reports, That would include the offspring of at least three Democrats currently-serving in the U.S. Senate: Michael Bennett, Amy Klobuchar, and Sheldon Whitehouse. All of them sent kids to Yale.
Their colleague Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, meanwhile, is one of a stunning number of Senate Democrats who’ve sent children Harvard. Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey is a Harvard parent. So is Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer. Schumer sent both his kids to Harvard. Barack Obama sent one of his. So did former New York governor Eliot Spitzer.
The all-time record, though, must go to former Vice President Al Gore. Gore sent four. Imagine that: Four kids in a row to Harvard. What are the odds of that occurring in nature? Statistically, it’s about as likely as being hit by lightning every single day for a year. Yet somehow the Gore family pulled it off. Congratulations.
Andrew Cuomo, the sitting governor of New York, sent one of his kids to Harvard, but the other two went to Brown. That’s also an Ivy League university that your kids could never get into. Brown is, as they say, “highly selective,” at least for the children of non-politicians.


Carlson rounded out his comments by detailing how this cycle of corruption will continue so long as these Democrats are finding ways to funnel money to universities in an effort to “help their kids chances” of being accepted:

They’re the offspring of prominent Democrats. How does this happen? It happens because our meritocracy is a sham. It’s fake. They tell you that only the most accomplished students get into these schools. They’re lying. Their friends’ kids get first dibs. Fellow members of their social circle. Kids whose families can help them down the road. The children of sympathetic politicians are an obvious priority for admissions officers.
These are the same politicians who funnel many billions in tax dollars to colleges and universities every year. So, letting a senator’s kid into Harvard is just smart business. The quid quo pro is obvious. It’s a form of unregulated lobbying.
Prestigious schools can pretend they admit only the most qualified applicants because nobody can prove otherwise. The real admissions numbers are secret. They’re hidden from public view.

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