President Donald Trump has had his fair share of Hollywood critics, but some celebrity voices manage to rise above the crowd — or sink below them, actually — for their fierce affliction with Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Bette Midler is one of those celebrities.
The actress and musician has called the president a “murderer,” referred to the first lady as “flotits,” and even apologized, ultimately, for claiming that women are the “N-word” of the world.
To say Bette Midler does not know how to come to terms with Trump’s presidency two years in may be among the top understatements of the year.
Now, on Friday, she managed to outdo herself in the wild and crazy department by appearing to celebrate the potential hanging of Donald Trump and his family.
“Trump Trump Trump Bob Mueller’s marching, Trump Trump Trump And here is why Trump Trump Trump He’s gonna hang you Hang the fam’ly GOOD AND HIGH!” she wrote on Twitter — in what was perhaps the strangest pro-Mueller tweet from a celebrity.
Trump Trump Trump
Bob Mueller’s marching,
Trump Trump Trump
And here is why
Trump Trump Trump
He’s gonna hang you
Hang the fam’ly
The bizarre tweet by Midler was in response to a video of Donald Trump Jr. talking about alleged business in Russia.
But what Midler may be confused about is that the video is reportedly from 2011 — years before Donald Trump ever ran for president.
Midler and other leftists who have created their own fantasy worlds involving violence against the president and others they disagree with lack the self awareness to understand how hypocritical and empty their political opinions and statements have become.
They will claim, in one breath, that the president has no respect for people — and then they’ll laugh in the next breath about the upcoming demise of people they dislike.
They pretend they want the best for the country because they want President Trump out of office — but they provide no real alternative to the president or any other map or practical solutions for the future.
An interesting side note on this story is that last night around 7pm EST, Twitter suddenly out of nowhere had the #1 trending hashtag listed as #RIP45 with 12.7K tweeting about this.
The hashtag once clicked would spill what seemed like an endless list of those wishing the President of the United States dead, and a small number of Trump supporters firing back with tweets of support for the President.
Perhaps the most interesting of all is that Twitter claims this hashtag apparently had nothing to do with the President and that is was simply a coincidence as the tag was really intended to be about a retiring sports figure.
The intent was quickly crushed by the back and forth about POTUS and really makes one wonder how a hashtag with only 12.7K tweets, gets to that #1 spot when hashtags commanding more than 300,000 often don’t hit the #1 position.