Law enforcement officials have announced that they have made two initial attempted trespassing arrests at the Nevada National Security Site Perimeter of Area 51.

Nye County Sheriffs responded to the site and found a car parked at a gate about 3 miles into the perimeter of the Area 51 property. Two men, Govert Charles Wilhemus Jacob Sweep (21) and Ties Granzier (20), of the Netherlands, were promptly arrested before they could be killed.

Granzier reportedly told the police he was a famous YouTube personality and police took note of several cameras and a drone inside their vehicle. Police say that both men read and understood English and understood the several “no trespassing, trespassers will be met with deadly force” signs on the property.

Nye County Sheriffs say they are actively responding to reports of would be trespassers and some reports are coming from security staff at Area 51 who state that they are aware of the social media planned invasion and will not be responsible for any loss of life.

Source: Trespassing arrest made at Area 51