President Donald Trump has decided that instead of sitting through yet another — yawn — climate change meeting at the United Nations and like always, he’s going to discuss something that really matters, that’s truly important, that’s actually crucial to the world at-large: religious freedom.

And all the leftists are going to lose it. They’ll gasp… then go into shock. Then days of twitter Outrage so be ready!

Trump snubbed the climate summit for a religious freedom speech giving at U.N. and everyone is simply losing their minds.

The left are engaging in HUGE, some completely incoherent meltdowns all over social media, not just twitter. While the right are of course praising and hailing the President as the “best President ever” and even “Trump 2024!”

This is not new for the President, he has never done what was expected him in the office, to the outrage of some, but the cheers of most. He has redefined the office and is clearly working for the people of the United States and that is what matters — certainly not weather changes.