Recently released memos obtained by Judicial Watch reveal new details of Rod Rosenstein’s proposal to “wear a recording device” and covertly tape President Trump during closed-door meetings regarding James Comey.

“Judicial Watch announced today it obtained a 2 page memo dated May 16, 2017, by then-Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe detailing how then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein proposed wearing a wire into the Oval Office ‘to collect additional evidence on the president’s true intentions.’ McCabe writes that Rosenstein said he thought it was possible because ‘he was not searched when he entered the White House,” reports Judicial Watch.

“As our conversation continued the DAG proposed that he could potentially wear a recording device into the Oval Office to collect additional evidence on the President’s true intentions. He said he thought this might be possible because he was not searched when he entered the White House. I told him that I would discuss the opportunity with my investigative team and get back to him,” states the memo written by Andrew McCabe. “We discussed the issue of appointing a Special Counsel to oversee the FBI’s Russia investigation. The DAG said he has two candidates ready, one of whom could start immediately.”

“This incredible memo details the conflicted and conniving coup effort against President Trump,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It is astonishing and shocking McCabe thought he could have the FBI conduct a ’counterintelligence’ operation on the president and Rosenstein thought it would be appropriate to wear a wire to secretly record President Trump in the Oval Office. That the DOJ and FBI sat on this smoking gun for a year shows the need for urgent housecleaning at those agencies.” – See full story at Judical Watch

Sources: Hannity, Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton