A government watchdog group is calling out leadership in the United Kingdom for crushing free speech in favor of Islam, as the Conservative Party expelled numerous politicians for posting critical statements of Islam on the Internet.

“These broad-based suspensions make it clear that any criticism of Islam or Muslims – no matter how accurate it may be – is forbidden today in Boris Johnson’s shabby little police state,” Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer asserted. “[They] illustrate the confusion – confusion that has been deliberately sowed by leftist and Islamic supremacist groups – between legitimate criticism of Islam as a belief system and ideology, and hatred of innocent Muslims.”

Crackdown protecting Islam

It appears a purge of those in British government charged with so-called “Islamophobia” is already under way, with a probe being launched to make sure any opponents of Islam are least temporarily removed from office.

“The BBC highlighted over 20 new cases to the party, who said all those found to be members who shared or supported anti-Muslim posts on Twitter and Facebook were suspended immediately; however, the officials would not reveal the exact number of members suspended,” the BBC reported. “A Conservative spokesman said the party was now ‘establishing the terms’ of an investigation into the wider issue.”

An informant on Twitter leaked specific criticisms against Islam to the leftist British media hub.

“The BBC was alerted to details of the new cases by an anonymous Twitter user, and independently verified each one before passing details to the Conservative Party,” BBC informed. “The incidents ranged from individuals ‘liking’ anti-Muslim pictures or statements on one or two occasions, to regular Islamophobic posts by people who said they were members of the Tory party.”

According to Spencer, much of the criticism was merely observable fact, as he quoted some statements BBC considered to be Islamophobic or hate speech, including, “Islam and slavery are partners in crime.”

But Spencer used Islam’s holy book, the Quran, to show the truth behind the statement.

“Yet slavery is sanctioned in the Quran and Sunnah, as well as by the example of Muhammad, and is still widely practiced in Islamic states in North Africa, as well as in Saudi Arabia,” the expert on Islam noted. “If noting that is ‘Islamophobic’ and will get you suspended from the Conservative Party, then the Conservative Party is at war with the truth.”

He also listed off the following anti-Islam statement used by British politicians that was red-flagged: “Islam is the religion of hate (sic).”

Again, Spencer appealed to Islamic scripture to show the truth behind the statement.

“Islam has a doctrine called al-wala wa-l-bara, ‘loyalty and disavowal,’ that is, loving what Allah loves and hating what he hates,” the conservative watchdog pointed out. “That includes hating unbelievers as ‘the most vile of created beings’ (Quran 98:6).”

BBC also included the assertion, “Muslims hate = free speech (sic),” which Spencer also addressed.

“If the speaker is referring to the denial of the freedom of speech in Islamic law, that is here again simply a fact, or if he means that hating Muslims is a prerogative allowed by the freedom of speech, his statement may be obnoxious, but it is accurate,” he argued. “If you’re not sure of that, consider this: is hating Christians also an offense that will get you suspended from the Conservative Party? Of course not, and hating Jews is practically a requirement of being a member of the Labor Party these days.”

UKs Muslim leaders silencing opposition

Muslim groups in the UK are continuing to push for the elimination of all criticism of Islam and its adherents.

“The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) long has advocated punishment for anyone who expresses criticism of Islam,” WND reported.

British politicians have been the latest target of the MCB’s campaign to silence their critics.

“Since 2018, MCB has been calling for the Conservatives to launch an independent inquiry into alleged Islamophobia, and in May, the council formally asked the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to hold one,” BBC recounted. “The MCB has listed a series of complaints against figures in the party, including Boris Johnson, for comments he made about Muslim women before becoming prime minister.”

Zero tolerance for any disparaging remarks against Islam was proposed, starting with probes that elected officials were called to partake in.

“During the Conservative leadership race, then-Home Secretary Sajid Javid challenged the other candidates to commit to an external investigation and the others appeared to agree to it,” BBC’s Alex Forsyth recalled. “Later, though, Mr. Johnson claimed he understood they had committed to an inquiry ‘into all types of prejudice and discrimination including anti-Semitism,’ – not Islamophobia specifically.”

Baroness Warsi a Muslim – a member of the UK Parliament since 2001 – demanded the party use more urgency when bringing detractors to “justice.”

“You said you didn’t need an inquiry; now acknowledge it,” Warsi told BBC. “You said you needed a definition; you now have it. What new nonsense excuse are you now going to come up with simply to avoid dealing with this issue?”

Muslim Conservative Party member, Sajjad Karim – an ex MEP member – said the purge must move forward full force.

“I have experienced conversations taking place with Islamophobic content directly about me, being conducted by very senior members of the Conservative Party – in fact parliamentarians, one of whom is in fact a serving minister at this moment in time,” Karm told BBC.

“Ultimately, this is about values, and if we allow Islamophobia, or any other form of discrimination, to go unchecked, what we are doing actually is undermining our own values. That is going to lead to a very different sort of society developing in the coming decades, and that is not something I think most Brits aspire to.”