Senate Republicans are looking to flip the script on their Democrat colleagues when it comes to Ukraine as two Senate chairmen are requesting the Justice Department release information about Democrats soliciting information from Ukraine in the 2016 presidential election.

That’s right — Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson claim Democrats actually did what they are trying to impeach President Trump for allegedly doing.

The Federalist reports these chairmen are demanding the Justice Department take a look into the “brazen efforts by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign to use the government of Ukraine for the express purpose of finding negative information on then-candidate Trump in order to undermine his campaign.”


The senators also want to know why Alexandra Chalupa, the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants and longtime Democratic operative, has not been required to file paperwork as a registered foreign agent of Ukraine. “Aside from the apparent evidence of collusion between the DNC, Clinton campaign, and Ukrainian government, Chalupa’s actions implicate the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA),” Grassley wrote in 2017. “Chalupa’s actions appear to show that she was simultaneously working on behalf of a foreign government, Ukraine, and on behalf of the DNC and Clinton campaign, in an effort to influence not only the U.S voting population but U.S. government officials.”

In their letter sent this week, Grassley and Johnson ask why DOJ still has not required her to register as a foreign agent of Ukraine.

Democrats are all-in on Ukraine and want President Trump impeached over him suggesting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky look into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son. Biden has openly admitted to withholding $1 billion in foreign aid to the country until they fired a prosecutor who was looking into Hunter Biden and his position on an energy company board.

Here’s even more from the Federalist:

The attacks against Trump for a phone call with the Ukrainian president come on the heels of the implosion of the Russia collusion narrative, in which special counsel Robert Mueller declared there was no evidence of collusion. Insiders expect revelations about how that false narrative was spread by and to Democratic officials in the executive and legislative branches and the media. The Department of Justice inspector general is expected to release a wide-ranging report on his investigation of surveillance abuses perpetrated in the service of that false narrative in the coming weeks. Additionally, John Durham, a federal prosecutor, is spearheading his own investigation into the origins of the hoax that affected the 2016 campaign and the Trump administration.

Last week, the Justice Department confirmed that Durham is investigating the Ukrainian government’s involvement in attempts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election. In his call with the Ukrainian president, Trump asked for his cooperation with that probe.

Democrats and the media have falsely accused the president of tying military aide to investigation of Joe Biden and his son Hunter. However, a transcript of the phone call that was released last week showed there was no connection between the two matters. Under a 1990s mutual legal assistance treaty, the U.S. and Ukraine are obligated to cooperate in such investigations.