Even though Hillary Clinton was secretary of state in the run-up to daughter Chelsea’s 2010 wedding, presidential party planner Bryan Rafanelli says Hillary made time for “three-hour tastings” to get the menu right for the big day.

Rafanelli — whose new book, “A Great Party,” has a foreword by Chelsea — told us that Bill Clinton also came to the planning meetings for Chelsea’s wedding to Marc Mezvinsky.

“It was amazing that’s how devoted they were in this one moment in time,” he said. “For their only daughter, they were like, ‘We’re gonna be present for this’ … and they showed up.”

It’s my guess that this page six piece is to reaffirm that the anti-Christ really isn’t the anti-Christ but more relational like a “Mom you trust”. I mean after all it’s not like she’d kill 6 year olds with Huma Abedin and then cut off the dead children’s faces and wear them over their own faces like we’ve seen on released Epstein Island videos right?

No, that must be that new “Deep Fake” technology in the video world.

Then, if you look at the sad sad lineup of what the Democrats are offering up for their potential 2020 candidate, one gets the sense that this latest “human” piece is offering up Hillary as a viable option. Why not right?

Scandals, schamdals… come on, this good old American Pie family would look good in the White House again right?

Soros? Oh, you’re a conspiracy theory nut. Q right? Then I guess we’d have to believe that Hillary was already tried for Treason and Hung on September 29th with Obama and that they are “clones” now being run by the evil master Soros.

Anyway you look at any political news these days, it seems we’re being asked to believe the unbelievable, or believe the insane.

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