A new poll shows that in the 2020 general election, a potential rematch between President Trump and Hillary Clinton would be “dead even.”

A Rasmussen poll released Monday found that both Trump and Clinton would receive 45% support in a hypothetical matchup. The poll showed 11% of potential voters remained undecided.

A majority of Democrats said that Clinton would win the nomination if she entered the primary, with 48% saying she would and 46% saying she would not.

Clinton lost to Trump in the 2016 presidential race with Trump hauling in 304 electoral votes to Clinton’s 227.

She has since gone on speaking tours criticizing his presidency and calling him an “illegitimate president.” The former secretary of state said recently in an interview promoting her new book that she lost in part because she came across as “too serious.”

Clinton has also said it would be a “dereliction of duty” if Congress did not impeach Trump.