Project Veritas released the third part of their ‘Expose CNN’ campaign on Thursday. The right-wing undercover news company is currently exposing CNN for the frauds that they are.

Their first drop took place on Monday where Project Veritas released recordings provided by a CNN insider and whistleblower who revealed the extreme bias from the news organization.

Check out what Project Veritas had to say:

On Monday, October 14, 2019 Project Veritas released Part 1 of a series of recordings provided by a brave CNN Insider who blew the whistle on rampant bias at the network. The story, with substantial social media attention and cable news coverage, to include a tweet from President Trump, provides video footage highlighting the personal vendetta of CNN President Jeff Zucker against POTUS, as well as evidence of bias across the network. CNN Insider Cary Poarch further detailed his concerns against the network on national television last night.

In Part 2 of our #ExposeCNN series, Poarch exposes candid opinions and unguarded comments from various employees and executives including CNN President Jeff Zucker, CNN Vice President and Political Director David Chalian, and CNN Media Coordinator Christian Sierra.

On Thursday, Project Veritas released their third and most damaging piece of video footage which involved CNN Field Production Supervisor Gerald Sisnette who wished for President Donald Trump’s death.

“This is a story that’s not gonna go away,” Mr. Sisnette said.

“Oh the Ukraine thing? Or just Trump in general?” the CNN whistleblower questioned.

“Trump in general. The only way this will go away is when he [Trump] dies. Hopefully soon,” Gerald Sisnette said.

In another video released, CNN floor manager Mike Brevna complained at how much CNN has changed, admitting that they “sold themselves to the devil.”

“When I got this job thirteen years ago, CNN was nothing like this…They sold themselves to the devil. It’s, it’s sad.” Brevna said.

CNN is very upset about the undercover videos which is why they are now threatening the whistleblower for releasing the recordings.

Robert C. Lamb, the whistleblower’s boss, emailed them about how disappointed he was in them, threatening “I will never forget.”

“Cary,” the email starts. “To say your actions today were disappointing from a fellow veteran is a gross understatement. I am not sure what will happen to our company, but I can say this – I will never forget. Rob. Robert C. Lamb.”