California Democratic Rep. Katie Hill refused to answer questions from the Daily Caller regarding her extramarital affair with a male congressional staffer and if she is considering resigning.

This comes after Hill’s office called the police on the Daily Caller for staking out her office Tuesday. After police went inside the office, an officer approached the reporter and asked if he was a member of the press, to which he responded “yes.” The officer then went back into the office and left about five minutes later.

Hill apologized and then blamed the allegations on a “divorce from an abusive husband.” This is after she had been accused of having affairs with two of her staffers. Red State first revealed Hill’s alleged relationships with the two staffers in an Oct. 18 article that included a nude photo of Hill brushing the female campaign staffer’s hair.

“Intimate photos of me and another individual were published by Republican operatives on the internet without my consent,” Hill said. She “notified Capitol Hill police who are investigating the situation and potential legal violations of those who posted and distributed the photos, and therefore will have no further comment on the digital materials.”