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Left-wing singer and actress Bette Midler posted a tweet relishing that President Donald Trump and his family will “hang” due to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation “GOOD AND HIGH.”
It’s of course deleted now, (coward too) Midler’s tweet Friday is quoted below:
“Trump Trump Trump
Bob Mueller’s marching,
Trump Trump Trump
And here is why
Trump Trump Trump
He’s gonna hang you
Hang the fam’ly
Her tweet was a reply to a video posted by Scott Dworkin, lead investigator of the Democratic Coalition, showing “Donald Trump Jr talking about the Russian hotels & golf courses he’s looked at.”
Mueller and his team had been looking into whether Trump worked with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Midler’s tweet received over 11,000 likes in a short period of time but was harshly criticized by some users as well:

“Another liberal calling for violence against people with different views…” read one response.
“Secret Service should investigate this.” read another.
“Really? Advocating the lynching of a sitting President? Just… wow! Civility is a lost cause.” in another. And so on.
From a group of left leaning people in this country who have brought us innovations like a 3rd bathroom for genders that simply don’t exist, to filling our states with the culture shock of Muslims in every state, to changing our schools to incorporate and teach the Koran, and even sitting Muslims in our congress… one has to wonder just which country these people actually do support and love because it certainly isn’t the United States.
The fact is there may well be a civil war in America’s future as the crying of the left has only been left to fester and grow with each passing generation. But true Americans (of which we know are many and strong in tradition) will certainly not be going quietly into the night.

Why the President has allowed this to go on his entire term is a mystery. Those supporting him say and have said since day one, “Trust the Plan”. Yet, we see it has taken him years to even utter the word, “Treason” in the face of an endless barrage of it.

Plan or not, distraction or not and really regardless of who is President, this will not be allowed to go on much longer.

Certainly if it does, the United States as it has become, will simply cease to be.