Strange that CBS News would take out punitive action on a CBS employee for something she did at a competing new agency, but they reportedly indeed fired the ABC employee who leaked the video of Amy Robach accusing the network of killing a story about dead accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Robach was caught on camera alleging that ABC killed her interview with Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre, according to a video Project Veritas released Tuesday. The anchor said Buckingham Palace threatened ABC News after finding out Prince Andrew was a part of the story and added that she “had all of” the reporting years ago.

“I’ve had this story for three years,” Robach said in the unearthed video. “I tried for three years to get it on to no avail, and now it’s all coming out and it’s like these new revelations. And I freaking had all of it. I’m so pissed right now.”

A spokesperson for CBS declined to comment on whether the person in question had been fired, Page Six reported.

The employee who had access to the tape while working at ABC reportedly moved on to a job at CBS News, anonymous sources told journalist Yashar Ali. That employee, a woman, has allegedly been fired after ABC executives notified CBS of the situation, Page Six reported. The woman was let go Wednesday, the outlet added.

Screenshot_2019-11-07 CBS Reportedly Fires Former ABC Employee Who Leaked Epstein Story Coverup Tape(1)

ABC News confirmed in a statement Wednesday that they were investigating the source of the leak.

“We take violations of company policy very seriously, and we’re pursuing all avenues to determine the source of the leak,” a spokesperson for ABC News said according to Ali.

CBS News did not immediately respond to a request for comment.