What if I told you the Corona Virus was completely fake? What if I told you it was simply a tool used by at least one, but probably two sides to achieve certain goals and milestones completely unrelated to human health in the United States or indeed the world? I’m crazy, I know. But it is a theory which just so happens to fit a lot of the facts since this “Corona thing” started.

First, consider the phony death tolls in almost every state with absolutely no huge increases in obituaries or funeral services anywhere. Then also consider that even the inflated fake numbers don’t amount to any more of a health scare than the annual flu. Add to this that now good old Dr. Fauci is saying, “The Corona Virus will be with us every year now, just like the Flu and we’ll have to monitor it in terms of exposures and risk on an annual basis.”

Then consider the empty (except for regular staff) hospitals nationwide (especially New York, Boston and Los Angeles) being filmed on individual’s cell phones, then uploaded to twitter with not a single patient in an ER for even so much as a bruised knee. All while the MSM reports our health care teams are “stressed to the breaking point.”

And what of still others who have shared more cell phone footage globally (in some cases LIVE streaming on Facebook) of these “Emergency Corona Treatment Camps” and other temporary Military FEMA type facilities thrown up to care for the millions of supposed “infected” that are completely stocked and ready and yet sit unmanned and empty with not even so much as a security guard wandering around them.

Then take into consideration the unending lies and supposed LIVE video stories coming from the Mainstream Media who have been caught now more than 3 times in recent weeks using stock footage of old or completely unrelated video said to be something “real”, “serious” and “happening now” specifically to do with Coronavirus only to find out it’s stock hospital footage from 2015 or even a military exercise from 2007.

I’d be crazy right? Well, no matter what you may think about my sanity, now we’re going to talk about something real.

Imagine a scenario where, for whatever reason, your pulse stopped – say because of a sudden cardiac incident or another of the myriad medical maladies that can arise without warning – anywhere in NYC. Then, imagine that the paramedics called to the scene were discouraged from performing any kind of life-saving maneuver to revive you for fear that they might be exposed to the “coronavirus”.

This haunting scenario would have played out across the state if the NY Health Commissioner hadn’t rescinded a “do not resuscitate” order asking first responders to leave unresponsive patients to die for fear of the first responders being exposed to the virus.

Hey, that will certainly inflate the coronavirus death toll and fear right?

Well, following inquiries by the New York Post, Dr. Howard Zucker, the health commissioner, decided to rescind that order, which was formally released by the state’s Bureau of Emergency Medical Services on Wednesday.

A statement on the decision was released to the Post as follows.

“This guidance, proposed by physician leaders of the EMS Regional Medical Control Systems and the State Advisory Council – in accordance with American Heart Association guidance and based on standards recommended by the American College of Emergency Physicians and adopted in multiple other states – which was issued in April 17th, 2020 at the recommendation of the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, and reflected ‎nationally recognized minimum standards,” the Health Department said in a statement.

“However, they don’t reflect New York’s standards and for that reason DOH Commissioner Bureau of Emergency Medical Services has ordered them to be rescinded immediately.”

Fortunately, it looks like few, if any, localities adopted the new short lived guidelines. The FDNY told the Post that the police hadn’t been enacted in the city, and that no dying patients were refused resuscitation because of the change.

Paramedics were previously tasked to spend 20 minutes trying to revive somebody in cardiac arrest. When the ruling came down, first responders were outraged, with one exclaiming to the Post that the ruling robbed patients of “a second chance to live,” and that paramedics are supposed to save people’s lives, not just “let them die.”

This really makes one wonder now what other little “policies” are lying around out there ready to be enacted as this was of course not reported on largely.

All I know for sure is this is certainly a time to stay vigilant America.