Cops are fighting back after a district attorney charged former officer Garrett Rolfe and officer Devin Brosnan over the shooting of Rayshard Brooks. The Democratic district attorney of Fulton County, Paul Howard, gave a bewildering press conference on Wednesday in which he announced a felony murder charge against Rolfe. If convicted, Rolfe faces a possible death sentence. At the press conference, the district attorney nitpicked the officers who were attacked while mischaracterizing the violent suspect as “not a threat” and “almost jovial” in his interaction with police. 

Officers have reportedly stopped answering 911 calls, turned in their keys and failed to show up to their shifts. 

Atlanta Democratic Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, a potential Biden running mate, is reportedly scrambling to replace officers who have walked away from their shifts.

Many are wondering who will police the city now. The Democratic mayor? The Democratic district attorney? Stacey Abrams? Maybe the social workers are available?