A disturbing video being widely circulated on the internet shows a young group of blacks viciously assaulting a young mother and even kicking her toddler in the face outside an apartment complex in Brooklyn, Illinois today.

In the video, two girls can be seen punching the mother in the face repeatedly as the toddler clings to the mother’s leg crying. A third girl can be seen filming the attack.

Then out of nowhere, a boy comes onto the scene and fly-kicks the toddler in the face, knocking her to the ground. The boy then proceeds to kick the mother in the face several times while the girls drag her across the pavement.

The video ends with the girls fleeing the scene before the boy comes back in to drop-kick the mother in the back once again, knocking her back, causing her to hit her head on the apartment door frame.

The Sun reported that the female victim is pregnant, but that has not been confirmed.

If this tiny segment of a tiny minority in this country has ever asked more vigorously for deadly force in response to their actions, it is most certainly this.

The Brooklyn Police who have not yet been de-funded, say all suspects have been arrested and are awaiting arraignment.