The majority of people who have watched this never-before-seen actual bodycam footage of George Floyd’s arrest now believe they were lied to by the media.

Never before seen bodycam footage of the entire arrest of George Floyd has been leaked out and published by the folks over at Daily Mail in the U.K.

This is the video that was spliced from the bodycams of officers Thomas Lane and Alex Kueng, who were part of Floyd’s alleged fatal arrest on Memorial Day in Minneapolis.

The video does clearly show that Mr. Floyd was under the influence of some pretty heavy-duty substances and was not in any reality, “cooperative” with police officers in any way.

As you may or may not know, the toxicology report confirmed that Mr. Floyd had lethal amounts of fentanyl in his system. The keyword there being “lethal”.

You can watch the video below (warning graphic content):

Here are some of the comments from YouTube viewers:

Mary Ducat wrote: “It’s clear from the start that he has overdosed on drugs, backed up by the fact that the toxicology report confirmed that he had a “lethal” amount of fentanyl in his system. This is why we had nationwide riots? Really?”

Patrick Mahon writes: “Can’t get into the back of a squad car because he’s “claustrophobic” despite being pulled from his own car which appears more cramped than the back of the squad car. You simply can’t remove all personal responsibility from the situation just because the man lost his life in a tragic accident or what now looks like an overdose. The sole individual person that failed George Floyd more than any other figure in this video was George Floyd’s mother. Full acquittal for the officers would be justice served.”

Qdat writes: “Turns out the whole thing was spun by the media to aid support in the communist insurrection.”

J. Lind writes: “One thing that hasn’t really been discussed about all of this: The left in this country has been attacking people in this country for not wearing masks, saying that they want to “kill people for not complying.” Then you have George Floyd here who is out in public without a mask, already killed himself with drugs trying to pass off counterfeit bills as his last act, and he is subsequently made a national hero by the left and their media surrogates. It is all so absurd.”

Jayvon wrote: “People saying he shouldn’t have resisted but does an unarmed man deserved to be killed for resisting?”

Laraby writes: “Why did Chauvin put his knee on this guy’s neck, and why didn’t the others tell him to stop? I think he was worried Floyd would talk to get out of prison and that he knew something about him.”

In review, it seems much more likely that this situation was exploited specifically to rile Americans into riots, looting, vandalism, and violence. Tearing down statues and beating people for not wearing masks or buying their other story about a horrible pandemic.

Why? Well, if we as a nation are all too busy with all of this, we can’t possibly stop and have any time or outrage for the failed coup of our duly elected President or make Bill Clinton, Tom Hanks, and even Prince Andrew accountable on Pedo Island.

No, and certainly no time to hang Obama, Hillary, or the rest of the Deep State for Treason, or deal with Biden’s sedition in Ukraine.

And those BLM riots? The open racism, violence, blatant sedition, and the destruction of personal and government property, ignoring the assaults on our own law enforcement for a more racist, or should we say (anti-white) America? Worked like a charm.

Even some in Hollywood have had enough, stars like Rose McGowan calling for arrests and indictments of Clinton. All met with ears filled with too much “racism” and “Orange Man Bad” and heads focussed on deleting America’s history and killing cops.

In reality, the left will absolutely take 4 more years of this chaos and Trump as long as we’re staying distracted from what it is they wish to maintain. They enjoy this, make HUGE money from it all and wish to keep up the status quo.

There needs to be a very serious re-evaluation of our priorities as Americans and an acceleration dealing with the things that matter, versus clearly those which don’t.

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Does this change anything for you?