New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed a lawsuit seeking to dissolve the National Rifle Association, alleging that insiders violated the state’s nonprofit laws by illegally diverting tens of millions of dollars from the group through excessive expenses and contracts that benefited relatives or close associates.

The extraordinary move against the nation’s largest gun-rights group comes after an 18-month investigation by Ms. James.

Nothing about the Trump investigation after months and months and when pressed by reporters questions about it as they didn’t seem interested in her NRA announcement at all, she deflected and said she would “only discuss the NRA”.

Well, fine as she likes to talk about fraud, and allege a limitless number of heinous accusations at our President, let’s take a closer look at the old AG herself then shall we?

Public Advocate Letitia James didn’t just take $750,000 in public money that she didn’t need for her campaign this year: She spent $500,000 of it on Election Day itself — dumping money she’d otherwise have been obliged to return.

Her gaming of the system is arguably worse than Mayor de Blasio’s: He at least faced a credible general-election challenger. James’ little-known Republican rival, J.C. Polanco, raised just $26,000.

This means she outraised him by 4,000 percent — yet still got a bathtub full of taxpayer funds.

The law cuts public matching funds by three-quarters if a candidate has no serious opponent. But the legal rules for “serious” are laughable: Merely because Polanco had made many talking-head appearances on NY1 and Univision, James was able to oblige the Campaign Finance Board to pay her the full amount in matching funds.

And on Election Day, she of course won 74 percent of the vote to Polanco’s 16 percent, with minor-party candidates splitting the rest.

Mayor de Blasio pulled much the same scam to collect big cash during the primaries when he had no serious opposition.

Comptroller Scott Stringer was the only citywide official to say “no” to padding his campaign outlays at the public’s expense. They should have elected that man on that alone.

The public has an outside chance of clawing back some of James’ windfall: The CFB does post-election audits of campaign spending, and it will certainly give a close look at her last-day outlays. But if she dumped the funds on “legitimate” consultant-cronies, the board may be unable to do a thing.

Then, too, it can take years for a full CFB accounting, especially if a campaign dawdles in sharing its records.

In any case, it’s plain that James was happy to ding the public for every dime she possibly and legally could — which is a pretty remarkable approach for the city’s (apparent) public advocate.

As to why she’s got no news and will not discuss the Trump investigation in any way, shape or form these past months and months? Well, clearly it’s because there is nothing.

In a time when we should be investigating and dealing with The George Floyd lie and Black Lives Matter, child trafficking, the Deep State, Ukraine, Hunter Biden, Benghazi, Crowdstrike, Fusion GPS, Crossfire, Pizzagate, Blackwater, Obamagate, Spygate, and a myriad of other horrific crimes and issues this country has endured over the past 4 decades (Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation), we get a phony virus and this.

This must be a joke.. a joke, or a deflection from something bigger coming out today. Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll keep you posted!