President’s son claims ex-VP ‘discriminated against other minority groups who have wonderful people’

The Biden campaign’s process that resulted in the selection of Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., as the presumptive Democratic nominee’s running mate was “very discriminatory,” Trump Organization vice president Eric Trump said on the “Fox News Rundown Extra” Saturday.

“What’s shocking to me is that you pick a person who pretty much called you racist and who said that she believed… sexual assault accusers. That’s a little bit scary, right?” President’s Trump’s second son told Fox News Radio national correspondent Eben Brown.

Eric Trump then told a story from a campaign appearance in Florida, where he accompanied state GOP leaders on a three-day bus tour.

“There was an amazing Hispanic woman who came up to me and she said, ‘You know, I’m deeply offended,'” he said. “‘Why could I not have been in contention? Why was it only African-American females that were in contention? What about, you know, Hispanic Americans? I mean, what about — what about me?'”

Trump claimed Biden had “boxed himself in” by pledging to pick an African-American woman to be his running mate.

“I think what he did was actually very discriminatory, meaning even if he chose to choose who he ultimately did, he really discriminated against other minority groups who have wonderful people, who have incredibly capable people that had lots of amazing options.” Trump said. “He boxed himself in, but in doing so, he actually discriminated against amazing, amazing people. And, you know, I think at some point he has to answer for that.”

Despite his criticism of the process, Eric Trump claimed his father’s campaign was “secretly … kind of actually hoping it was gonna be her [Harris], because if you look at her, she’s got a lot of baggage.”

“She is incredibly radical. She is at the far-left of the party,” he added. “And, you know, I think it’s a very scary notion for our country.”

Trump also predicted his father would win reelection “by a greater margin than he even did in 2016.”

“Joe Biden has been in office longer than I’ve been alive,” he said. “He’s [been] a swamp creature for 45 years. He’s never signed the front of a check. He’s only signed the back of a check. He’s been dependent on government his entire adult life. He’s never worked in the private sector. He’s never worked a real job. He’s only worked in Washington, D.C.”