Two suspects in Prince George County, Maryland, are under arrest after allegedly ambushing police officers by opening fire on them as they arrived on a robbery call.

WJLA reports that the officers began arriving on scene shortly after 6:30 p.m. Sunday, and the suspects allegedly opened fire on the first officer as soon as he pulled up.

The timing of this crime and video release just happen to coincide with the events that unfolded in Kenosha Wisconsin.

The Prince George County Police Department immediately released their officers dash cam video showing the shots that were fired at the first officer with absolutely no provocation or indeed any “verbal warnings” by the criminals.

Four officers, in total, responded to the robbery call. Three of them were shot and wounded.

Fox 45 reports that the suspects, 45-year-old Andre Larnell Smith (a black man) and 27-year-old Steven Maurice Warren, (another black man) allegedly got in their vehicle after the barrage of gunfire at Police and tried to escape. They drove down the street, turned around heading back toward the officers, crashed, and were apprehended.

Larnell and Warren face a myriad of charges, including “first and second degree attempted murder, assault and gun charges.”

They are not nor have ever been members of the NRA.

The officers’ injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.