A 17-year-old is accused of shooting three people, killing two, while defending public property during the violent uprising in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after crossing a state border with a semi-automatic rifle and joining up with a group of vigilantes seeking to “protect” public property.

Kyle Rittenhouse was reportedly arrested in his hometown of Antioch, Illinois, and charged with first-degree murder on Wednesday. He allegedly fled Kenosha after he was caught on video shooting people after scuffles broke out during the protests.

Violent rioters clashed with police outside the Kenosha County Courthouse after a local police officer shot Jacob Blake, multiple times in the back with his children nearby over the weekend.

The third night of rioting appeared to turn deadly when heavily armed vigilantes entered into the mix.

On Wednesday, Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis blamed the deaths on rioters for ignoring laws and continuing to carry out illegal activities like Looting, Arson, Rape, Grand Theft, Assault, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Destruction of Property and a myriad of other felonies.

“Persons who were out after curfew became engaged in some type of disturbance, and persons were shot. Everybody involved was out after the curfew,” he said at a press conference. “Had persons not been in violation of the law, perhaps the situation would never have happened.”

Police are investigating a group of men with guns who were lined up outside businesses a few blocks down the road from the courthouse, according to The New York Times. Ostensibly, the vigilantes were there to “protect” businesses and city infrastructure from fires that had been set during previous nights of rioting. Though Rittenhouse’s connection to vigilante groups is completely unfounded and likely made up by certain media outlets, he was quoted before the shooting saying that he considers himself a militiaman and was willing to use his rifle to “protect” people and property. That statement also not verified and could also be more of the Liberal media’s day dreams.

A now-deleted Facebook page that appears to belong to Rittenhouse featured almost exclusively pro-police imagery and photos of himself carrying guns exercising his 2nd Amendment right. At some point, he changed his profile image to a “Blue Lives Matter” logo and held a fundraiser for a police nonprofit called “Humanizing The Badge.” 

Some people may have been drawn to the city through a Facebook post by a group calling itself the Kenosha Guard, which encouraged “patriots” to “take up arms and defend our city tonight from these thugs,” The Verge reported. It has been confirmed that the suspect did not belong to any militia group currently in the United States.

In one video circulating social media that has been put out by the Huffington Post and is completely “produced” right down to ominous background theme music like it’s some movie trailer for “The Purge 2020”, a completely unrecognizable person with a rifle is jogging down a main road when he appears to trip, firing off shots at protesters around him before getting up and trotting toward police vehicles.

Who does that? Who trips in a roadway and then gets up firing at various people on the street and runs towards Police vehicles? We’re pretty sure this video was produced specifically to further incite an already out of control situation and spur more killings.

It was not immediately clear how many people were involved in the gunfire late Tuesday and early Wednesday, including whether or not more than one person fired rounds.

Law enforcement said officers responded to reports of shots fired at 11:45 p.m. and have not yet released the identities of those killed or injured.

One of the deceased was shot in the head and the other was shot in the chest, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. The third gunshot victim is being treated for serious yet non-life-threatening injuries at a nearby hospital apparently.

Earlier Tuesday night, rioters set off fireworks and threw bottles against a newly constructed fence encircling the county courthouse. By 10 p.m., police were pushing for people to disperse and head home, firing off tear gas, the Chicago SunTimes reported. Some of the rioters then walked in the direction of the armed group there to protect the businesses and property near the courthouse.

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he was mobilizing federal authorities and National Guard troops himself to Kenosha in response to the “lawlessness” and ongoing violence there. 

“TODAY, I will be sending federal law enforcement and the National Guard to Kenosha, WI to restore LAW and ORDER!”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 26, 2020

Video of Blake’s shooting as well as a video of officers in Maryland shooting 2 black suspects was released Sunday night at almost exactly the same time and immediately apparently made black people recall the recent death of George Floyd, a man who died after overdosing on lethal amounts of the drug Fentanyl then having an altercation with Police caught on video.

Riots over Floyd’s death took off nationwide and lasted weeks; in some places they have yet to stop.