OpEd by the RPI’s own CJT.

Back in November of 2019, the FBI declassified nearly 650 pages relating to a group known as The Finders. This obscure group was alleged to be involved with major international child trafficking, satanic worship and had used a number of known mind control techniques developed and used by the American government for decades.

Eventually irrefutable evidence emerged and was gathered by the FBI which pointed many fingers to the State Department and CIA. So much so that they were at minimum complicit, and at maximum directly and actively involved, and further conspired to cover up a number of investigations and ultimately drop a lot of charges.

To this day, not a single person has been convicted of any crime in relation to The Finders. Now, I invite you to decide for yourself whether you think conviction is warranted in these cases.

It all began when six young children, filthy and covered in bug bites and scratches, were reported to police at a park in Tallahassee, Florida. The children were accompanied by two well-dressed men. When the men failed to give proper identification or explain who the parents of the children were, they were arrested and the children were brought in for questioning.

The group claimed to be from Washington D.C. and as investigators soon discovered, The Finders had tentacles not only in D.C. and a number of other states and American corporations in the U.S., but many internationally as well.

What would follow is one of the most horrific, shocking discoveries to ever be unearthed in America, yet the mainstream media continue to ignore the sheer coverage and the depth of the declassification of these documents and refuse to report.

I have read all 650 pages and decided to try to summarize it for easy digestibility (although a topic as heinous as this will never settle well no matter how its presented).

It goes without saying that people have been murdered for trying to expose the tales told in these pages however, I believe the great awakening which is finally upon us, makes this the absolute perfect time to report these facts and expose the evil that lurked in the darkness for decades and now is in plain sight.

Confirmation of all of the following facts and material can be found at:


The strange men with the herd of young children were brought in and questioned by the Tallahassee Police Department and the van in which they traveled was impounded.

It was noted that one of the men did not cooperate at all, and when questioned appeared to go into a “trance-like state” and just stared at the floor or walls while being interrogated.

Questioning of the children lead to some interesting results. A lot of answers came from the oldest child Mary, as most of the younger ones were non-verbal.

When asking Mary what her last name was, she replied, “Which one?” The children seemed unaware of modern technology, electricity, hot water and were curious to even the most simple contraptions like a desk stapler.

They did not attend school and said the men were their teachers. When asked what the men taught them, the oldest said they are taught “How to play games.” They said they lived with their mothers, although were not allowed *inside* of the house.

They lived in the van and in tents. They traveled often, sometimes by plane.

They were on a trip away to “wean” the youngest from their mothers. The officers noted that the youngest ones had no diapers on and had been taught that the ground outside was their bathroom.

One even went directly on the floor during the questioning. When asked who the leader of the group is, the oldest child had replied “the Game Caller.” When offered food, one child consumed 8 bananas and an orange. They all seemed extremely hungry. Here is an excerpt from a news paper article documented by the FBI: 

In the van, a few photos were found that lead investigators to believe child sexual exploitation was happening, and possibly even Satanic worship.

This particular group of children were reported to have been from the D.C. area, the FBI was called to help Tallahassee police assist in the case.

The FBI then began to work with Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

A judge signed a search warrant for the two D.C. property locations known to belong to The Finders (a local warehouse and duplex apartment). Police found brochures, photos, books on mind control, indices, and computers.

The ‘mothers’ were found and contacted. Five women claimed to be biological mothers to all six children. They claimed they knew the men well and trusted them, and that the children had not been kidnapped. They also spoke to the press and insisted they were in no means part of a Satanic group, but rather a communal sort of group of intellectuals. 

A doctor examined the children and determined two of the six to have clear physical indicators of sexual abuse. The doctor also found bite marks, although could not determine if the bite was from a child or adult. A behavioral scientist indicated that the children behaved similarly to those who had been ‘institutionalized for a prolonged period.’

When the children were placed into protective custody, a series of disturbing, violent phone calls were made to the child protective agency threatening bombing and other extreme violence.

Above – The Washington DC Duplex apartment which belonged to the Finders
Below – The warehouse which also belonged to The Finders

Among the evidence from the raids of the two D.C. properties, it is detailed and reported that photographs were indeed found of men dressed in white robes holding a goat head, children engaging in blood letting of the goat and one even holding a goat fetus.

Some speculate on the Satanic significance, as Baphomet depicts the devil as a goat in many artifacts and literature of Luciferian occult symbology.

All these photos were in a file named “The Execution of Henrietta and Igor”. The ‘mothers’ claimed this was done for “hands-on” educational purposes and made sure to tell investigators that the meat of the goat was eaten.

Also a vast amount of informational documents were found during the raid, such as known techniques into mind control and child trafficking. Due to this evidence being found, a farm also belonging to The Finders in Nethers, Virginia was subsequently raided as well.

About two weeks after the initial investigation began, it was suddenly announced that the MPD and Tallahassee police were dropping all charges due to “insignificant evidence”.

The doctor went back on her word and stated publicly there was not “conclusive” evidence of child sexual abuse.

Local police officers claimed after examining the situation more in more detail that it was all just a misunderstanding and there did not seem to be cause to worry about child trafficking or devil worship.

It was all just part of the “Satanic Panic” which newspapers of course did publish and although the group did not adhere to traditional societal male and female roles in raising children, apparently nothing actually illegal was happening to warrant charges.

So what really happened? I am going to try my best to simply state facts and not conjecture too much as I have a reputation for being shall we say, “verbose”.

The FBI eventually learned that The Finders group had traveled to places like North Korea, Russia, and Vietnam (which were at the time considered ‘no travel’ zones) by searching passport travel records.

The FBI requested information from the State Department regarding their passports and who approved the travel. The State Department eventually replied there did not seem to be any violation with any of the passports.

The CIA was made aware of the FBI and local police department’s investigation into the group and claimed to be conducting their own investigation into the matter, but refused to cooperate by sharing any information with either the FBI or local police.

At one point, it is on record that a member of the FBI asked a member of the CIA if the investigation was “treading on anyone’s toes”, to which the CIA agent responded “Sort of…”

The leader of the group was identified as Marion Pettie. His wife Isabelle was confirmed to be a member of the CIA for 21 years. He was known as the “Game Caller” and claims to have been a student of life. He taught and learned ‘the game’. Just exactly what that game is is still a matter of debate. 

Corporations and groups listed to somehow be connected to the cult are as follows:

  • General Scientific Corp
  • Women’s Networking Services
  • Future Enterprises
  • Multiple companies are blacked out, perhaps because they are still active?
  • Note: One of the companies blacked out is two words of exactly 17 letters separated at the 7th letter and begins with a capital “C”. Clinton Foundation fits perfectly.

Since the vault publishes FBI documents sometimes in mass, it does not always create a coherent story line. Page 49 of the documents suddenly and without explanation begins documentation of a McMartin preschool in California.

The McMartin preschool is then documented to have many tunnels underneath it and the children when asked were able to accurately describe entrances and exits at the at location.

There were electrical switches in the school that did not work for that purpose, but rather were wired to sound alarm bells as a form of alert system.

Classroom 3 contained no doorknob but solely a deadlock bolt. In the tunnels, a number of pentagrams were found carved into the walls and on plates, along with exactly 100 animal bones.

The owner of this preschool was indicted; the trial lasted for six years and then in 1993, every single charge was dropped due to “lack of evidence”. For context, that was the year Bill Clinton took over White House duties from Bush Sr.

In all these situations, it’s been said that no one ever ‘saw the child abuse against victims’ and therefore prosecution was ‘difficult’ if not impossible to prove. 

One final thought pertaining to the previous paragraph is that throughout the documents, many instances are recorded of The Finders using threats and extortion to silence dissent. This is a well known tactic used by the U.S. government, just look at the myriad of cases involving UFO’s as a well documented example over the past 70 years since Roswell.

Many people criticize accusers of Luciferian child sexual abuse saying if it were happening at an institutional scale, it would be well documented. I argue the exact opposite.

These are powerful, intelligent, and sometimes professionally trained people and people in the highest levels of government internationally. There really isn’t too much they can’t just make “go away”.

They are skilled experts in the art of dirty-handed techniques to obtain/maintain power, control and willingly engage in extortion, blackmail, and simply threatening violence against enemies and their loved ones often wins as we know the alternative when over 115 people with close ties to Hillary Clinton in recent years have all met their ends under pretty obvious circumstances.

Previous members of the Finders are on record saying they feared “direct retribution” from the cult for leaving.

Other instances of extortion exist as well, such as parents who tried to contact anyone in the group who were sent letters describing sexual acts involving their family member that included drawings and even pictures.

I think it is interesting to mention here that Johnny Gosch’s mother (the paperboy who was kidnapped in 1982 – the original milk carton missing child boy) is known for receiving pictures of her son after going public with accusations of a powerful and nationally connected child trafficking group as her son’s abductors.

She was tipped off by a supporter that was somehow able to obtain an ‘underground’ brochure apparently passed around in pedophile circles, and found a picture she thought for sure to be her son.

It was basically a catalog of boys for sale. She turned it into the FBI but apparently the lead went dry. Below are the actual pictures she received after going public with the message that this was bigger than a one-predator game. It may be that The Finders do not like to be found.

Pouring through these and other documents as well as countless posts all over the internet, by authors conveniently branded as either conspiracy theorists, or simply those seeking to live out their own sick fetishes writing about this stuff.

I have found countless other stories which run almost exactly parallel to this chain of events as detailed above. There is a clear organized procedure which has been identified and replicated over and over here and all around the world probably going back as far as the dawn of man.

One thing is certain. The Finders do indeed exist and they operate with impunity, free from any serious scrutiny or opposition. The simple establishment and understanding of that fact, means high ranking government and intelligence officials are indeed actively involved.

Add to this all the details we’ve uncovered in recent years surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislane Maxwell and the Lolita Express. Don’t think that all isn’t directly tied into this.

The players in the Epstein case are who? Almost every Hollywood elite, high ranking key players in governments globally, including the Royal Family and even key U.S. Government staffers and elected officials with decades of involvement and yes, even U.S. Presidents.

Hundreds of uncut videos of these satanic rituals being carried out with children and more often young girls obviously not, or just reaching puberty globally at different but specific times of the year regularly and posted anonymously all over YouTube. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the scumbags themselves post them as some sort of badge of honor.

I mean why not? If you step back and look at it all, they are not worried, they are not deterred, in fact watching again the Frazzledrip video from Anthony Weiner’s laptop of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin removing a young girl’s face while she was still alive then dancing around taking turns wearing her face, then later drinking the adrenochrome rich blood of their victim gleefully, says to me “not a care in the world”.

Yes, they did that… that’s why when people talk about Hillary to me and are just mind-blowingly appalled that she could be responsible for Benghazi as being such a heinous act. Obviously it was, but compared to many other things she’s done, it is simply as she treated it… “a thing that happened” and nothing more.

Also, think about it. Why isn’t someone like Joe Biden even seeming to care about his documented illegal wrongdoings with the likes of the Ukraine and China over the decades as well as those of his son? Nancy Pelosi, same question. In fact, Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein while we’re at it.

Every single one of these Deep State cronies who have been responsible for guiding this country and its people for decades to where we got before President Trump are complicit and there is so much proof.

And through it all… what are we to focus on? COVID-19 and Lock-downs for an absolutely non-lethal virus which just tonight has been downgraded by the CDC as the reported 150,000+ U.S. deaths due to covid have been investigated and magically dropped now to less than 10,000! Less than 10,000, THAT is what we’ve been locked down for more than 8 months for. Something that kills less than a common cold every year.

They knew that info was coming out too so what did they do? They give us apparent Race wars! Riots! Cancel Culture trying to kill history with the destruction of our monuments. Black Lives Matter and Black Militias and losing parts of U.S. Cities to occupiers claiming to be “protesters”.

All the smoke, drama and mainstream media doing what they do, is to keep you focused, focused on anything BUT them and what they’re doing.

President Trump and Attorney General Barr know and I believe are working on all of this. I have known about most of it since 2015 and have been eager as many Americans have to have some semblance of Justice on any level. It has not been forth coming. I thought for sure it would be a done deal before the 2020 election but no such luck.

We’re told through channels, “trust the plan”. I’m sure you’ve heard it. So we do… and months and years continue to go by. All the while hearing about the Obamas new mansion, or Hillary’s new book deal, or television series premiere. Trust the plan.

If it were not for the sheer scope of this horrid tale making the Nazi’s extermination of 6 million Jews look like a day at the park, I’d have lost all hope.

But, it is huge and I know there are white hats working hard. Wanting the same as I do, as we all do. Justice for the children, and Justice for America.

So what do you think? Are The Finders just an innocent “alternative-lifestyle, communal” type group as they claim or as I have alleged an alive and well devious global proctor and endless supplier of children for pedophiles and the sick elite?

Additional materials I found may be reviewed below:

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As always, please let us know what you think in the comments.