Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden raised $364.5 million in August for his campaign and his joint committees with the Democratic Party, pretty much $1.00 for every man woman and child in America, truly a staggering amount that exceeds any single month fundraising in previous presidential general elections ever.

The main question is how? How does this man drive such a surge with rapidly failing mental faculties while pushing for continuing anarchy and lawlessness across the country? It’s an impossible feat, unless of course the money is coming from several specific donors with their own agenda in line with that kind of lunacy.

The huge figure reflects both grassroots excitement with Biden’s choice of California Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate, and the fundraising boost traditionally provided by party nominating conventions, which both Democrats and Republicans held virtually last month. 

According to the Biden campaign, 95% of all donations were from grassroots supporters and more than 1.5 million people made their first donation in August. And approximately $205 million, or 57% of the total came from online donations. 

Mainstream Polls of course continue to show that Biden has consistently led President Donald Trump throughout the general election, although some polls rather oddly have showed the race tightening in the past week. This while our own polling showed drastically different indicators in the complete opposite direction showing clear support for the President and an easily won second term.

As president, Trump enjoys an unrivaled platform through which to reach voters over the airwaves. But the Biden campaign has consistently spent far more than the Trump campaign on digital and TV advertising this summer. Guess they don’t know nobody watches TV anymore but in August, Biden still outspent Trump by a total of 2-1, according to an analysis by the Associated Press. However, historically Trump never did spend much on his campaigns and when he did it was his own money and not those of any donors.

Going into the final 60 days of the presidential race, the Biden campaign has reserved more than $280 million worth of TV and digital ads. A Trump campaign spokesman told the AP that they plan to spend $200 million this fall across a wide variety of states, including several that Trump already won handily in 2016, like Montana and Iowa. Both of those states have high-stakes Senate races this year as well.

This of course is part of our ongoing coverage of Election 2020, please check back with us for updates.