For the entire year of 2020 thus far, our country and indeed the world has been fed a story. A very scary story. One that had world leaders and politicians, along with scientific experts, health care officials and even theologians scrambling to prepare for what was made out to be the end of the world as humans knew it.

Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look back at December of 2019 when “the Wuhan incident” in China first happened.

We were in the midst of finding out a lot of horrifying things about a lot of Democrats. Things like Russian and more specifically the Ukraine and huge monies found to be pouring into not Donald Trump’s family, but Joe Biden’s.

Questions were being raised about Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and even Diane Feinstein’s direct involvements with China for decades and how they got to be millionaires many times over simply by serving the people of the United States of America.

All this just post a 2 year witch hunt known as the “Impeachment of Donald Trump”. A ridiculous side show impeachment which cost taxpayers horrendous sums of money and ridiculous in both it’s assumptions and ultimately its obvious attempt to shift blame, as it was among those investigations which yielded the information on the Democrats which was starting to surface.

All the while, investigations on Bill and Hillary Clinton were ongoing, the Weiner laptop, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, top Hollywood elites along with Harvey Weinstein and even the Royal Family all implicated in the Lolita Express, Pizzagate, Pedogate, child sex trafficking. Something had to be done. And it was…

The Ten NYPD officers who were on scene taking possession of Weiner’s laptop have all as of this writing now “committed suicide” within an 8 month period. Jeffrey Epstein of course “hung himself”, a number of Ukraine officials “died”, there was a new government installed there and Tom Hanks moved to Greece to enjoy sunsets and no extradition.

They needed something, something they could have the public glom onto and focus on. But, what? and more importantly how? What could take peoples hearts and minds off of the atrocities being uncovered and the justice which would soon follow? It would have to be something big… maybe even global to achieve such a shift in focus.

Then, China announces their own lab in Wuhan has had an outbreak of COVID-19 a completely new virus they had been “working on”.

Just two weeks before then, Bill Gates took to Netflix to “scare” us all and focus on “global pandemic” in his new documentary highlighting just how wonderful Microsoft is and the lengths they go to to “be ready” for such a pandemic.

All over the world huge “outbreak treatment centers were constructed and placed by military officials in most countries. Mainstream media in the U.S. pushed the panic button and began an endless bombardment 24/7 of essentially what amounted to “we’re all gonna die!”

Next step was to shut down America and her economy which had historically never seen so much growth and command over all markets under President Trump. Shut down they did.

They sold this new threat so hard that many were resorting to extreme measures and succumbed to “panic buying” which lead to shortages in the U.S. for months on a strange array of items.

Then the shutting of all air traffic, the mass closing of business, the mass failing of large and small business alike, and mass hysteria thrown in as well.

Then, something odd happened. An intelligence element known only as Q surfaced in the mainstream a year or so before this and began showing “drops and markers” along with years of previous Intel known as “proofs”. This made people all around the world stop and take notice and begin to think for themselves and do their own research. Soon we were seeing a trend, then a response.

Now people had outlets with social media and platforms like YouTube, people all over the globe began submitting videos showing their cities and hospitals with no unusual activity or indeed thousands of “the infected” seeking help.

We saw Military “outbreak stations” in Spain, Italy, France, England and Ireland all sitting empty with not even a sole armed soldier guarding them. Sitting Empty.

While here in the U.S. nobody talked about Epstein, or Prince Andrew or Hillary Clinton anymore. Now it was all covid, corona, viruses, outbreaks, death tolls, toilet paper and masks.

Then a few months ago, the United States suddenly became racist. The Democrats pushed cancel culture and politically correct to new levels inciting riots or “protests” all over the country to riot and destroy “racist” historical statues and monuments indeed stabbing at the very heart of this great nation.

This, in line and along with narratives they had been pushing since Trump announced he was running for the Oval Office in 2015.

Line’s like Police are just murdering black “heroes”. Of course now found out to be violent drug loaded criminals bringing the obvious outcomes to their conclusion, then using those outcomes complete with video and the mainstream media to fuel what they hoped was an all out civil war in America.

Then they did the unthinkable… the Democrats rallied for releasing all prisoners due to concerns for their voting bases health because of Covid. While the Black Lives Matter protesters rioted and they claimed U.S. soil in areas of Seattle and Portland as their own and not part of the United States. Proclaiming their intent to “kill cops” while rioting for released convicts and de-funded police departments.

Then Oprah, while all of this goes on proclaims with her weekly stream, “whites are the problem”. Then a series about white racism in America and offers ongoing conversations about how whites can “make up for their privilege and take their place below blacks.”

Not a huge stretch when only a few months earlier she was calling for the open acceptance of pedophiles saying, “if they are trained properly, there is no abuse to the child. It will feel good and they will like it”.

Then it was “no congregating in churches nationally”. While the riots continued without restraint or indeed “social distancing” It was like the Black Lives Matter people knew there was no virus, no pandemic.

What did we do? We did what we were supposed to, continued to fight about other people not wearing masks…

All the while, the Death Toll kept being inflated, 40,000… 80,000… 100,000 and so on. Yes numbers reaching as high as just over 160,000 people in this country recently dead from this horrible plague.

Oddly, no funerals for families as we were told, “well, we have to burn the bodies”. Surely the families would have urns from their funeral homes and be able to remember their loved ones in some fashion.

Only problem there was according to national stats, the conspirators forgot to buy up a bunch of urns because the numbers for this year in units sold nationally is not even slightly higher than the past five years.

Hospitals and Doctors all over the country were being told how patients under their care died. Coroners being told not to do autopsies on a vast majority of their regular caseload and report as COVID. Especially in seniors and children.

And what of those confused Doctors. You remember the ones. The ones who said the N-95 mask will protect you. The Doctors who said the N-95 certainly won’t protect you. Still other Doctors saying that if COVID was indeed airborne as was stated early on, that nothing short of a CDC Level 5 containment suit would offer any protection and that that option would be absolutely useless without the proper infrastructure in every persons home to accommodate the use of those suits. And then there was Dr. Fauci.

The supposed medical expert to the President who said with a straight face to this nation that “the N-95 is enough protection”, when others said you “may as well hang a vegetable colander over your face for all the good it would do.”

In addition, looking at the coroners statistics, by county all over the USA in the past 9 months, there is no huge influx of death, not one surprising stat out of the normal trends over the past five years.

And perhaps the strangest of all in the global plague, not one gofundme, or any other crowd funding efforts at all by anyone who claimed to have had a family member with a proven case of this virus? Sure, many had sob stories mentioning Covid for the draw factor, but no confirmed cases, not even a crappy scan of a Doctor’s note that could be used to excuse someone from class at school.

Even more strange, there was no crowd funding in support of funeral or other grieving rituals or arrangements of any kind for any of the 160,000+ affected families? None? So we’re to believe that the huge proportion of those in this country below middle class all just happened to have an extra $10,000.00 kicking around “just in case”.

Then the other shoe drops…

The CDC on September 1st finally releases on their website the following numbers and statement.

Only six percent of Americans who have died with COVID-19 died strictly from the virus and not from other causes, according to new numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC’s latest COVID-19 provisional counts, covering February 1 through August 22, say that 164,280 Americans have suffered deaths “involving COVID-19.”

That, of course, can mean anything from having had a recent positive COVID-19 test (which may or may not have been accurate) to having tested positive months earlier to simply having been declared positive based on symptoms (with hospitals facing strong financial incentives to claim COVID-19 deaths).

For the sake of argument, however, let us assume that the CDC’s numbers are valid. Out of those 164,280 deaths, the CDC calculates that just six percent of them, or 9,857, were caused solely by COVID-19. “For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death,” the agency says. In other words, 94 percent of those who died with COVID-19 already had two or more other serious health issues such as hypertension or diabetes.

On top of that, age was a major contributing factor. Ninety-two percent of deaths involving COVID-19 occurred among individuals aged 55 and older. Persons 75 and older accounted for 58 percent of such deaths.

Hence, it is hardly surprising that 22 percent of COVID-19 deaths occurred of course in nursing homes and long-term care facilities, where most residents are both aged and infirm.

That number is considerably higher in states that ordered these facilities to accept COVID-19 patients and would be higher still in New York if that state had not changed its counting method to disguise the order’s deadly results.

It is also quite hard to shake loose of the idea that if it had not been for COVID-19, these otherwise seriously ill and elderly people … would perhaps still be alive. But there is no way to blame COVID-19 solely when several other co-morbidities are present.

The other ailments are present and contributory. These people already had one leg in the grave. We can imagine this, which is true in most instances, that a person who is healthy and has no other ailments shakes off the virus-induced illness. However, what if that person is the victim during that bout of illness of several more severe health issues? Then he or she may perish indeed.

What’s to blame, the initial COVID-19 which could have been survived, or some other subsequent co-morbiditie like heart disease or emphysema? It is just simply impossible to single out or indeed apply a sole cause when several are present together.

This is not the picture one gets from the mainstream media of course, that which thrives on coronavirus panic. In fact, their hysterical reporting of “cases” and other meaningless statistics has led Americans to believe that COVID-19 has wiped out nine percent of the U.S. population. That’s 180 times the number of people the CDC claims have died with COVID-19 and 3,000 times the number the agency says have died from COVID-19.

It’s also not the impression one gets from most government officials, who are currently enjoying power trips courtesy of the fear they have instilled in their citizens. Certainly not the least of whom is Governor Cuomo and his new daily show going on and on and on… about nothing.

If those citizens were to become aware of the CDC’s latest statistics and other relevant facts, they might well come to the same conclusions as we have: “It means that the existing draconian measures we have taken thus far should all be shelved immediately! They are not just neutral in their effects. They are known to be harmful in many ways, including causing deaths that otherwise would not have occurred.

It means that the crash-push for vaccines should be completely abandoned. Sorry Bill Gates. There is simply no dire need to rush an untested vaccine into production and inoculate large numbers of what are healthy people suffering from a non-virus.”

There is, however, a dire need to put an end to the hoax that is COVID-19 and the police state it bred once and for all. Time to get back to the serious issues affecting our country and our world.