Hundreds gathered in downtown Chicago on Saturday as part of a nationwide protest against President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

“The group Refuse Fascism, organized protests in 23 Democrat run cities across the country, including Chicago’s, where many people wore Trump masks and held up signs that read, ‘Flush the turd,’” according to WBBM Newsradio.

Dozens of Chicago police officers on bicycles escorted the marchers from Federal Plaza to Trump Tower, the report said.

In its vision statement, Refuse Fascism (RF) called for “60 Days of Struggle” beginning Saturday, September 5.

“By October there needs to be a situation in this country where protests happen day after day. Protests that make visceral the demand that Trump and Pence Must Go,” its website read:

RF does not see that all, or even most of these would be called by RF – but that unity is built on the basis of the growing determination of people to stay in the streets and refuse to accept this illegitimate regime.

No one can say that this can’t lead to a situation where Trump is driven out before the elections – but short of that, sustained protests in October can and must lead to a situation where on Election Day people don’t just vote against Trump in big numbers but there are mobilized people/forces prepared to oppose – with massive, sustained non-violent protest – the fascist forces we know the Trump regime is planning to unleash.

Speaking at the Los Angeles protest on Saturday, group member Sunsara Taylor called President Trump a “demented bully” and accused him of building concentration camps, brandishing nuclear weapons, and denying science. Obviously none of which he actually has done in reality land.

She goes on to spew, “All this will get far worse if this fascist regime is allowed a second term,” she continued. “Allowed a second term” Like there is some Grand Poohbah in the clouds somewhere handing out terms of Presidency.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, the group shared photos of protests in several major cities across the nation with commentary not befitting a 12 year old as 12 year olds are clearly smarter.

In a press release Thursday, Refuse Fascism spokesperson Andy Zee, who is not Chinese, rather a misguided white guy, claimed “The Trump/Pence regime is moving fast to consolidate fascist rule and hammer in a nightmare for humanity.”

So, Spygate didn’t work, Temper tantrums on Inauguration Day didn’t work, Russia didn’t work, Impeachment didn’t work, Celebrity Protests didn’t work, Riots and Racism didn’t work, the list goes on while this President continues to break every record of his predecessors and then some.

As recent days unfold this looks more and more like an announced and planned coup attempt. One which will lead to some very shocking and quick justice Andy Zee and his buddies may not see coming.

This is America after all and we’re adults. We don’t hold a country hostage threatening it’s people with endless civil unrest, riots and lawlessness when we don’t get our way.

So many Americans sat silent under 8 years of Obama. Knowing we’d get our time and country back. And we did.

It really is time for this country to spank it’s children, even if they are 30 or 40 years old now.