A Republican Campaign Aide has been murdered in Minneapolis — Several news sources are now reporting A campaign staffer for Lacy Johnson (R) who Is Running Against Ilhan Omar, has been shot dead in a very strange Drive-By Shooting this past Monday.

Lacy Johnson is the Republican who is challenging Ilhan Omar in Minnesota’s 5th District.

Lacy is an excellent candidate fighting an uphill battle against a moderate terrorist and America-hater in a district stacked with Muslims.

On Monday, two Lacy Johnson aides were shot while standing outside a convenience store when one or more shooters opened fire on them. It was reportedly a drive-by shooting. The 17-year-old staffer later died at the hospital.

The 17-year-old outreach coordinator for Lacy’s campaign, Andre Conley, was killed Monday outside a gas station in north Minneapolis.

Minnesotans can rest easy tonight as no official Black Lives Matter Riots are planned for the area as Andre was white and not a known felon killed by police after endless scuffles and tasings.

MN CBS Local reported:

The 17-year-old boy killed along with another young man also injured Monday in a north Minneapolis shooting were members of a Republican congressional candidate’s campaign.

The Lacy Johnson campaign says the two victims were members of the outreach team and were not directly performing campaign duties when the shooting occurred Monday afternoon at the intersection of North Fremont and Dowling avenues.

According to the Lacy Johnson campaign and Minneapolis police, the shooting is not believed to be a politically motivated attack although police did indicate that drive-bys are always gang related and strangely this one occurred with no gang members present as instigators or victims and that particular intersection falls under no known gang territory. Also noted was no car was used in the attack. This is a detail which of course disqualifies this as a drive-by.

Minneapolis police said the two victims were standing outside of a Super USA convenience store when one or more shooters opened fire according to eyewitnesses.

The teenager and the young man with him were hit and emergency crews brought them to Hennepin Healthcare for treatment. The teenager was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Investigators are still searching for the shooters, who fled the scene on foot and not in a car which would be needed if this were an actual drive-by. The man who survived has been listed in serious but stable condition and is recovering…

Minneapolis has experienced a recent surge in unlicensed criminal gun violence this summer, not to be confused with legally licensed American Gun Owners or members of the NRA who have not experienced any increase in licensed, law abiding gun violence.