“If Joe Biden is truly our legally elected president of the United States, we should all celebrate and support him,” said Gov. Justice.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice said on Wednesday that he absolutely refused to acknowledge that Joe Biden won the presidential election, four days after the race was called by the media of all people.

“As far as acknowledging that the election is over, I do not do that,” said Justice.

He vowed to fully support Joe Biden, “as long as legal challenges, audits and any potential recounts do not change the outcome of the race’s media call or indeed land the Democrats all in Jail.

“If Joe Biden is truly our legally elected President of the United States, we should all celebrate and support him,” he said, “if not, we won’t and you can be assured we the people will know why not.”

Justice spoke at his regularly scheduled coronavirus news briefing where officials decried the state shattering records for new cases of this virus with a 98% survival rate.

Biden’s transition team of course in all their drama has formed a task force on fighting the terrible plague that has made some people not feel well for a few days and some senior citizens who were about to die anyway, feel bad their last few days. They have doubled down on wearing masks and testing like it’s Ebola.

Biden was declared the winner of the Presidential election on Nov. 7 by the Media oddly after supposedly flipping Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin as America watched those numbers go up and down for all candidates in every state with seemingly no validity or explanation whatsoever by any network since.

There is ever growing evidence of widespread voter fraud in this 2020 election. No matter how many times the mainstream media tells you that the “election officials from both political parties have stated publicly that the election went well and international observers confirmed there were no serious irregularities.”

The International observers must be those Russians and Chinese we keep hearing about.

West Virginia overwhelmingly backed Trump’s reelection bid with about 69% of the vote and elected about a dozen new state Republicans to office in the recent election. Justice was reelected for a second and final term with about 65% support.

You’d think with the pasting the Democrats are taking in the House and Senate they’d be more amicable to recounts and audits however, it seems all they really care about is getting President Trump out of the White House at ANY cost.

There is also growing perception by a substantial part of the U.S. electorate now that the new self proclaimed American President-Elect is illegitimate.

Biden doesn’t even seem to recognize that achieving anything as president will depend pretty much entirely on his remaining mentally sharp or at the very least cognizant, even just a little bit as he suffers the now blatantly obvious effects of Alzheimer’s. That is why Americans hold out little hope of him working with Mitch McConnell or anyone else really, despite the Senate majority leader’s limited record working under Obama, Biden can’t remember Mitch’s name either.

That’s also why Biden said on Saturday night, acknowledging his election victory, “To make progress, we have to stop treating our opponents as our enemies. They are not our enemies. They are Americans.” This while whole sections of his base openly threaten the President’s life while looting the local FootLocker and Best Buy for Nike’s and 70″ TV’s “because racism”.

That kind of desperation mentality certainly makes for rash decisions, decisions which certainly and now seem more and more likely with each passing day indicate the Democrats and radical left have resorted to unbelievable means to get rid of a man, an idea, a vision of America they simply can’t function in.

The coming days to January will be nothing if not interesting.