Well, the ball finally dropped on a year of ruinous Democrat lockdowns with the scenes from New York’s Times Square resembling something out of a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie.

Streets that are normally jam-packed with revelers partying to ring in the new year were abandoned as the nation’s largest city was a virtual ghost town on the last night of a dismal 2020.

Further contributing to the dystopian appearance of the Democrats’ brave new world was the trotting out of the Bidens on national television in a propaganda exercise that one would expect in North Korea or some other totalitarian country but not in America. 

That millions of Americans aren’t buying the results of the most fraudulent election in U.S. history is a problem for the corrupt establishment and has necessitated the need to foist crazy Joe and doctorate Jill off on the public as the legitimate rulers in waiting. 

In what may be an omen as to what’s coming under a Biden regime, the media’s laughable first couple fumbled around with a confetti popper that they couldn’t even manage to get to function properly. We normally have a featured image with our stories, but have decided not to post this as nobody needs to see it. You’re welcome.

The Bidens were featured on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and were force-fed to a national audience just as they were last month when the prime-time college football showdown between top-ranked Clemson and Notre Dame was interrupted Soviet-style to trot out America’s new leaders.

ABC which televised the “party” and is owned by entertainment colossus Disney has a huge vested interest in a Biden White House where it is expected that the 77-year-old former vice president will quickly restore relations with China, Disney’s biggest market.  

The 49th annual edition of the New Year’s Eve bash was a pathetic exclamation point on 2020, a year when millions of Americans were stripped of their civil liberties under the pretense of a public health emergency and Dr. Anthony Fauci became a media god apparently. 

Just a few hundred people — mainly first responders spaced apart by barricades — were given access to Times Square on New Year’s Eve to bid farewell to 2020.  

Mayor de Blasio and First lady Chirlane McCray were on hand at the low-key celebration to initiate the traditional ball drop at midnight.

Leading up to the new year, a star-studded performance featuring Jennifer Lopez, Cyndi Lauper and others was televised for viewers at home.  

The event normally attracts thousands of tourists, but this year the all-but empty affair drew the attention of several Twitter users.

“It’s so surreal to watch New Year’s Rockin Eve and see Times Square empty,” one user wrote. 

Making it all the more surreal was Mayor Bill de Blasio and his radical leftist wife who engaged in a creepy dance in the barren streets like the duke and duchess of New York. Again, no pictures please…

The ghostly “celebration” in the Big Apple was a stark contrast to the revelry in China where streets in Wuhan where the coronavirus came from were celebrating their freedom, an ironic twist in the new era of American Democrat authoritarianism. 

The Chinese have good reason to celebrate, no country on the planet will be better served by Biden and the backdoor Obama restoration and yes, they are laughing at us.