The President of the United States has been removed from the social media site Twitter after Democrats falsely accused the President and his supporters of attempting a coup in the United States.

Following increasingly totalitarian moves and speech from Democrats, the media, and Big Tech platforms, the company controlled by Jack Dorsey and linked with the Chinese Communist Party has actually removed the duly elected, sitting President of the United States.

The disturbingly Orwellian move comes as tens of thousands of conservative accounts were removed from Twitter over the past few days coming to a crescendo today with bans in the tens of thousands.

President Trump had been urged by his supporters to act against Big Tech tyranny for years, but the White House never viewed it as a priority, nor did most Republicans on Capitol Hill at least not on the surface.

Many people argue that without his Twitter account, Trump would not have been able to initially get around mainstream media bans and blackouts of his original 2015/6 campaign.

The President was also removed from Facebook a few days ago as well.

The official @POTUS account remains active but ominously silent.

Tonight, Gab and Parler have been on and offline intermittently and back up but with increasingly slow speeds almost unusable as traffic soars with new users who have been removed from twitter.

Parler’s app has been removed by Google and Apple has effectively killed Parler and Gab all within just a few hours. Even FOX News just moments ago, has been threatened with being taken off the air.

Make no mistake, America is under attack by American seditionists among many others.

Zero Hour begins.