Numerous banks announce they have closed President Donald Trump’s bank accounts.

Trump’s money-market accounts at Banks United held between $5.1 million and $25.2 million, according to his financial disclosures.

“We no longer have any depository relationship with him,” Banks United told the Washington Post.

Professional Bank also announced that they will no longer be doing business with the former president or his organizations in a statement last week.

Additionally, Signature Bank in New York and Deutsche Bank have also said that they have cut ties with Trump and his businesses.

“Signature Bank notably took a strong stance against Trump and his allies in congress, calling for him to resign and saying they would not conduct business with lawmakers who had objected to the presidential election,” The Hill reports. They added that “Deutsche Bank is currently seeking to resolve more than $300 million in loans, reportedly looking to offload the loans onto another lender due to the negative press their dealings with Trump has caused. Deutsche Bank’s relationship with the Trump Organization is under a civil investigation by New York attorney general Letitia James.”

It is not enough that they cheated America by cheating him out of office with their mail-in ballot scam with Dominion as a fail-safe, the left absolutely will not stop retaliating until Trump’s life is completely ruined.

When will the United States finally say it’s enough and crackdown on every last one of these treasonous pieces of human garbage to the fullest extent of military law?