Peter Navarro, a member of President Donald Trump’s team, has just released a third report from the 2020 presidential election, and this one proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he won the presidency in 2020.

According to Gateway Pundit, the Populist Press published a piece on this report from Navarro explaining that Trump was the rightful winner and has had the election stolen from him by Democrats and activists perpetrating voter fraud on a massive scale all across the country.

Of course, those of us with fully functioning brain cells already knew this was the case just by looking at the evidence that existed. This is something judges in the key battleground states have intentionally refused to do, opting to throw out lawsuits concerning fraud as soon as they were filed.

Volume 3 of the Navarro Report is designed to serve as a capstone to what has been a comprehensive analysis of the question: Was the 2020 presidential election stolen from Donald J. Trump? In this report, we present the most up-to-date statistical “receipts” with respect to the potential number of illegal votes in each battleground state,” The Populist Press report said.

“The broader goal of this final installment of the Navarro Report is to provide investigators with a well-documented tally of potentially illegal votes on a state-by-state and category-by-category basis. This tally is presented in Figure One on the next page of this report. Note that each number in this figure has a corresponding end note identifying the source of the number. Note further that we have taken a conservative approach to the count of potentially illegal ballots,” the report continues.

“In considering these truths, let us never forget two things: (1) The Democrat Party and its operatives stole the 1960 Presidential Election – it happened then and it can happen again; and (2) it took decades for historians to finally acknowledge the 1960 version of the Immaculate Deception in the face of the same kind of virtue-signaling and cancel culture pressures we are witnessing today,” it said.

Here is an image that displays all of the irregularities and illegalities according to states that were provided in Navarro’s report:

The report goes on to call for a complete and total investigation into this particular matter, even with the impending transition of power — which it issues a call for a “peaceful transition” — so that we can get to the bottom of who perpetrated this voter fraud.

As a matter of fact, the DOJ needs to immediately appoint someone as Special Counsel before the Biden administration does any real damage. State legislators and Attorneys General in the battleground states, especially GOP states, need similar investigations to get to the truth.

If we don’t take these steps right now, our election system will have been permanently compromised. This means we will never, ever be able to trust the outcome of an election ever again. The chances it will be rigged will be assured. Americans already struggle to have faith in the system. Let’s not allow it to get any worse.

It now begs the question, If all of this is true, why haven’t the Republicans (Except Rand Paul, Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz) waged a major battle against these disgusting criminals? Why are they sitting back and being so docile almost to the point of appearing as accomplices? Biden is already hard at it destroying the country at a rate of 30+ Executive Orders per week and Kamala will make anything even worse. Neither one belongs in the White House and both need to be instantly removed.

If nothing happens other than endless talking points by the MSM about just how serious our cult mind control is by our evil master Trump, we’ve truly lost America.