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Posted by ONEMORESMOKE on October 13, 2012 · Leave a Comment (Edit)

Established originally in 2008, the Republic Post is and always has been dedicated to news and opinion from all sides, on all the issues in U.S. Politics today. To break down the core issues and address the many failings in a system wrought with them and in doing so, arming our citizens with the knowledge and truth, in order to seek justice and endeavor to find the new American way. If you love America and truly want to see us emerge victorious despite ourselves, then The Republic Post is for you.

6 thoughts on “About The RPI

  1. I’m interested to know whether or not you spread any information about January 6 the bill slated for New York to have FEMA camps and allow The governor or the representatives of the governor to basically take anyone suspected of being ill or even suspected of possibly have been in contact with any disease could be taken away to FEMA camps?

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    1. We only post what we can verify Antonio. As far as FEMA camps and the Governor and other Representatives executing that kind of action against American citizens (which would also include themselves as most of them have been infected or recently been exposed to the virus), we’d say it’s unlikely at this point.

      Still, not to say you’re information isn’t correct as it sounds very much like something they’d do.


  2. Face book checkers are calling and flagging this post as not factual ! Need to do something because they are attempting to discredit you on face book !


    1. We were notified Linda, thank you! They have said they are “moderately limiting our post impressions” as a result. We’d recommend sharing as much as you can on whatever other platforms. They have suspended our 3rd twitter account in 12 months @The_RPI. We’re doing what we can on our end.


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